To do this, you need to register on the website. See the video lesson "Registration and Login" on how to do this.
Submit request in a special form special form or call +7 991 198 03 32.
After registration, you will be automatically connected to the Promo tariff. The first 90 days are free of charge. Then you can refer to the information about the rest tariffs on the website.
The period of the system use is not limited. After registration, the first 90 days you can work in the Ekspa Software system free of charge. This test period is not limited in functionality. Moreover, you can fully test all the system capabilities. Then you can choose your tariffs on the website.
The Ekspa Software system does not require installation on a computer. This is one of our advantages. You can work from any device which has the access to the Internet.
You can work in our system Ekspa Software from any device which has the access to the Internet. The functionality will be preserved.
The mobile application is currently under development. We accept your wishes concerning the application.
To register on our platform, you need an e-mail (subsequently it will be your login), phone number, company logo, details and a price list.